We tailor our approach to your needs while offering the full line-up of services needed when interacting in the public affairs, governmental or political arena. 

Advocating for your cause is a must. Silence is not golden. Without your voice, without the voice of your supporters, and without the voice of a professional advocate – your cause doesn’t exist. How you and your supporter communicate the importance of your cause and who hears that communication – that matters. 

It’s rare for legislation to affect just one person or organization. Other stakeholders exist – even if they are unknown to you – who are potential supporters. Sanborn Williams will help you find them. Let our experience as professional advocates running coalitions of all sizes help maximize your leverage and secure a win.

Legislators are more than just votes on an electronic scoreboard. We know them. We know their career history, hobbies, sports teams, families, and pet peeves. Sanborn Williams cares about the relationships and even friendships – that we’ve built with lawmakers.

Let us introduce you to our colleagues, friends.

Unsure how to advocate for legislative change? We get it. Lawmaking has multiple moving parts within multiple moving parts. Legislation is crafted both in public forums and private offices. It’s complicated, too. Do I need legislation? How do I write a bill? What’s the deadline to introduce a bill? How do I persuade a lawmaker to sponsor the bill? How do I know if it’s the right legislator?  Which do I do first? Write the bill? Find the lawmaker? House or Senate? Questions.

Lots of questions in the legislative process. Let Sanborn Williams help you navigate that process.

In the 102nd Illinois General Assembly, lawmakers filed approximately 10,000 bills. 10,000. Sanborn Williams tracks the bills that interest you. We sift through those 10,000 bills both manually and through electronic monitoring to provide detailed, accurate legislative tracking reports.

Sanborn Williams casts a wide net so you miss nothing. Our tailored bill reports tame the deluge and gives you the precise information that you need.

Be intentional. The one thing political campaigns can’t purchase is more time before an election. Decisions made on campaigns must strategically leverage that finite amount of time. Waste it, and you lose..

Strategic decisions and intentional planning separate winning campaigns from losers. 

If you have a winning campaign message, we can bring that message alive graphically through our direct mail services.

We design, produce and distribute mail for political and issue campaigns that capture – even freeze – the attention of voters, bending their opinions in your favor.

Strategic messages are stories that decision-makers find compelling. Without a compelling message to persuade lawmakers or stakeholders or the media of the merit of your cause, your cause will flounder for the lack of interest, and inspiration. A jumble of disorganized facts  – even important, valuable facts – inartfully assembled can doom a worthy cause.

Sanborn Williams applies its word wizardry to harness your history and facts to create a compelling story, message.